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Welcome to Alternative Energy Primer!

Out goal on this site is to give you reliable information on all forms of alternative energy.

Naturally we’ll talk about obvious sources such as solar power and wind power, but I think you’ll discover some more unusual energy sources here as well.

Our emphasis will be on small scale energy production. We want home owners to actually be able to produce their own energy from whatever source they have available.

We’ll provide how-it-works descriptions, background information, pros and cons and some sources for more information if you do want to begin generating power yourself.

You’ll also find information here about larger scale non-traditional energy production. Some of these techniques (such as tidal energy) aren’t practical for home energy production but may be viable as commercial renewable energy sources. Knowing about them adds to your overall energy awareness. Plus, I just like writing and thinking about them.

Others, such as solar power generation, use the same principles as home energy producers do on a larger scale.

I suspect you’re as enthusiast as we are about the potential for clean, renewable alternative energy sources to provide our power while protecting our environment. Saving money while saving the environment helps everyone.

Burning fossil fuel was fine in its day, but now the cost in terms of money, the environment and even wars has become too high to continue to pay. At this site, we want to be part of the solution.

We’ll probably be stuck burning oil to some degree in the short term, but the sooner we move to alternatives the better. Our hope is to speed the process.

Fortunately, energy sources other than oil are becoming more practical, efficient and creative all the time. Every bit of power produced from an alternative source now is one less bit of oil that gets burned.

So again, welcome. Click on any of the links to get more information in any area you’re interested in.

Let’s hope the day comes soon when what’s now “alternative energy” becomes mainstream.

All the Best,

Jake Reynolds

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